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Get the best value for your trees & improve the health and growth of your forest. Contact Us for details.

Forests for the Future

Health, growth and return on investment are the three goals that our team work towards when helping you select what trees to harvest. 

Our provincially certified tree markers will ensure your forest is thriving for decades to come. Each part of every tree is analyzed, marked, graded and harvested ensuring maximum return for you. The finest quality wood will be selected to go to high-end products such as baseball bats, furniture & flooring.

Unlike many companies, we can work in a small area, ensuring the surrounding landscape stays untouched and farmable land stays clear. Our equipment allows us to access highly sensitive areas and protect drainage systems.

Get the best value for your trees

We work with the landowner to determine their objectives. Our team will analyze the woodlot and work with you to designate trees for removal. When removing trees we ensure compliance with regulations and secure the necessary permits. All consultations are free of charge. A member of our team will meet you at your woodlot and give you advice based on provincial standards and our experience.

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